Darelle Holden: CD
  • Darelle Holden: CD
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“If silk were a sound, it’d be Darelle Holden singing”. –Jonathan Shipley (Earshot Jazz Festival)

Darelle Holden's self titled 2021 EP combines Jazz, Soul and Pop creating a musical journey your sure to enjoy!

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Darelle Holden

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Darelle Holden

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The Playas

Darelle Holden 

Lead Vocals/Background Vocals 

 Brian Monroney  - Guitar/Production 

Brad Boal  - Drums/Percussion 

David Dawda  - Bass 

Ed Weber  - Keyboards 

                         Chris Littlefield  - Trumpet/Flugel Horn 

 Alex Guy  - Strings 

Andrew Vait  - Production/Vocals